She said, "the sex was like magic..."

Dear Heart…

Never forget how he made you feel. Not those moments when you were in love and he was your moon and stars, but the times he left you bleeding in the dirt, laughed as he pissed on your heart and called it shit. Hold those memories close to you. Don’t you dare forget. Don’t you dare look back.

Loving you used to be beautiful. Loving you used to be the perfect dream, never ending. Loving you was what I once believed I was born to do.

These days, loving you is pain and heartbreak. Loving you is stalking the girls you follow and telling myself how inadequate I am compared to them. Loving you is the darkest and deepest part of lonely I have ever experienced. Loving you is is waking up at 2am in the morning and wanting to die.

And what about loving me? Loving me… Loving me is unknown territory. A path my feet tread carefully. Loving me is being gentle with myself as I allow the remnants of a poisonous past to leave my body. Loving me is closing the door on you forever and never looking back. Loving me is looking forward to all of the unexplored parts of myself I will discover and fall head over heels for.


Stunning? Indeed! 

There are too many stories to tell about Tunisia, whose origin goes back to as early as the 10th century B.C.  But the latest the most relevant news?  Our sheep are arriving at the end of the month!  Soft and fluffy real sheep skin upholstered by hand on a pine frame.  Stay tuned.

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No matter how hard my mind tries to demonize him, my heart still remembers when he was a good man.

How easy it was for you to fall out of love with me…

How silly I feel for not being able to let go of your memory…